Ask Dee – Holiday guests of different sexual orientation and faith.


Candice shared her dilemma.  Her Aunt Marina and cousin Maris are coming to  her house in December for a family gathering.  Maris is openly homosexual, and Marina is a fundamental Christian.  Maris is comical and easy going – Marina is nice but feels very convicted about her Christian values, which include being a homosexual equals being sinful.  I’m glad they are both coming, but afraid of the dinner together and possible topics that may come up. Lately Maris feels he must promote homosexuality as natural and healthy, while I know Marina will struggle and feel she has to uphold her faith.  How can I get through dinner and enjoy myself without a knotted stomach?


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  1. I totally understand your stress, Candice. Sounds like you love Marina and Maris, and just want to eat your turkey and stuffing in peace (well deserved if you’ve done all the work to host). While these are important topics to address, it shouldn’t be at your wonderful, warm holiday meal. Try to have everything prepared ahead of time so you can be at the table when the family sits down. Then bring up subjects safe and fun, like travel wishes or new happenings in the family. You might try fun discussion cards you can pick up on line at Amazon. If the conversation turns to sexual choices and becomes heated, ask Marina (or Maris) to “join you in the kitchen” to help get dessert ready, then ask if they wouldn’t mind finishing the discussion later, for the sake of dinner peace.


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